6 Things you can do with a lost earring

Having a missing earring is like a lost set of keys. You are sure the other earring will show up. You look in your clothing, the gym bag, in and under the seat of your car. Sometimes you call the restaurant or ask your work mates. Of course, it’s a favorite pair or even an expensive half. You want to wear them again. Holding on to the one lost earring is a common behavior and it’s sad when you give up.

Don’t say goodbye, here are my DIY lost earring ideas.

  1. 5 things to do with a lost earringString it to a ribbon and enjoy as your favorite bookmark.
  2. Collect them and make a charm bracelet. You can still enjoy them as a keepsake.
  3. Precious metal and gemstones are great to recycle. Ethical jewelry artists like Alexandra Hart recycle metals and gems as part of their sustainable designer jewelry practice.
  4. Use as an unusual gift for a guy. Secretly they may like it, even if they only wear it once a year for Halloween.
  5. My personal favorite: Upcycle them to as the new focal point in a necklace.
  6. If it’s strong enough you might even be able to put it on your keychain.

Save your lost earring and continue to enjoy it!

When I was younger my Grandmother had a box of odds and ends. It included single earrings. Some costume and some precious. It was like finding treasure. My imagination grew into all the things I could wear with her jewelry. Her shoebox provided hours of entertainment for me.