Summer Sizzle in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is hot in the summer. Sometimes hotter than other previous years. Heat was a big part of this years International Folk Art Market. And it sizzled in many ways.

I use the term SIZZLED with admiration. The weekend lived up to it’s MUST SEE reputation. Opportunities to participate were bountiful shared the joy. Pre-event fashion shows, educational talks, and family hosted parties added to the fever.

Two weeks prior, I took a fall while visiting a dinosaur dig in New Mexico. I thought I could still go the IFAM using a cane with no expectations of special treatment. People in general were curious and the market prepared to help anyone in any way possible. Staff brought me chairs to sit in and decorated golf carts to go here and there.

A huge thunderstorm surprised everyone and cooled off the heat. Despite a temporary stall in shopping, credit card processing failure (due to electrical storm), everyone remained in spirits. Plan your trip early. You won’t want to miss the week, the weekend, and resting after it is all over in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Sizzle